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Spinal Tap Snubbed (Again)

Today the RnRHoF announced its nominees for the 2012 induction.  They’re listed below.  I have a couple of thoughts.  First of all, I really need to pick up the pace of my blogging.  I’m just a little past the halfway point of the first round.  At this rate, I’ll get this tournament done in time for the 2012 induction ceremony (or maybe the 2012 apocalypse).

Secondly, I’m kinda mixed on the nominations.  Good on you for the Beastie Boys, RHCP, The Cure, Freddie King, G’n’R, & Eric B & Rakim.  Not at all surprised by The (Small) Faces — although they’re more famous for what some of their members did afterwards, and Donovan — kinda surprised he wasn’t in already. (more…)

The Cure v. The Smiths

This isn’t my competition, more like a side game.  Nerve posted this article, but I thought it was relevant.

The Cure v. The Smiths (Nerve)

I’m in The Cure camp on this.  While I like some of Johnny Marr’s guitar work, I can’t stand Morrissey.  I know he’s Irish — don’t care.  That’s why I put the Cure in my playoffs and not The Smiths.  I’m sure Morrissey is loosing sleep over that, but he can soothe himself with a big pile of money, I’m sure.  And for those of you who prefer The Smiths and their irritating lead singer, write your own damn blog.

P.S. Gonna try to finish the next game soon.  Hopefully this weekend.  I’ve been busy.

P.P.S. And if you like The Cure, be sure to vote for them here

Joy Division v. the Cure

If there was a band that deserved to be in the hall because of one song, I’d say it was Joy Division for “Love Will Tear Us Apart“.  Nevermind the influence they’ve had on U2, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and the Killers (not to mention New Order). This was their only song that topped the charts, and that was only in New Zealand and France.  But what an amazing song.  Dark, moody and atmospheric, the lyrics are rather gloomy, but something about the music is…, kinda pretty.  This is not to say the rest of their catalog isn’t pretty strong as well.  Very few bands with 2 original albums (and an EP) have as much influence they have.  Two movies have been made about them in the past decade, and they seem like they’re the most covered band since the Beatles.  They’re kinda like the Velvet Underground for the 80’s; not many people bought their records, but everyone who did started a band.   But if there were one song that perfectly encapsulates a band and anticipates the direction music was to take in the next 10 years, I’d say “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” is it.

If Joy Division was a cult band built on misery, The Cure picked up that ball, ran with it, and surprise, became a big, popular band.  Many have imitated (or played tribute to) Robert Smith and his band (not just musically, either), but few have managed to copy his success; 18 albums in Billboard’s top 200, 13 songs in their hot 100.  To call them the most famous goth band ignores the range of their music, shifting from gothic to poppy, melancholy sad songs and the occasional pretty little Lovesong.  And they weren’t the first band to go a little overboard with stage makeup, but every emo band (Are you listening My Chem?) owes them a debt of gratitude, not to mention The Smashing Pumpkins, 311, and Interpol. Even though they have kept a low profile recently, if the band decides to hit the road and tour again, undoubtedly legions of pale skinned, makeup clad fans would line up to see them.

Don’t cry, I know it’s a tough choice, but you can do it!

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The Reasons (Probably the last part)

part 1 part 2

And so what are the requirements for entry into the hall?  A band must have released their first album 25 years previously and… that’s it.  There’s a committee that chooses eligible artists for their “significant impact on the evolution, development and perpetuation of rock and roll” and then sends ballots to more than 500 rock ‘experts’.  Apparently they didn’t want to go with “The Rock and Roll Hall of Impacting Evolution, Development and Perpetuation.”  The top vote getters with over 50% of the vote get in according to their website.  Usually 5-7 performers or groups.  The past few years have been for acts that were previously overlooked; none of this year’s inductees released their first album in 1985, or in the 80’s for that matter, nor did any of last year’s.  That’s reasonable, because everyone knows there were no new or significant artists from the 1980’s.  Not The Cure, Bon Jovi, INXS, Depeche Mode, Billy Idol, X, XTC, etc. (not a band, just a Latin abbreviation).  Certainly not for baby boomers who were starting families, listening to oldies radio and not going to clubs or listening to new music.

Not to belittle that generation of music fans, but there was a legitimate change in music in the 80’s, not to say that there weren’t changes in the 60’s or 70’s. (more…)