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The announcement has been made, the inductees are ready to be inducted.

Randy Newman
Public Enemy
Donna Summer
Albert King
Lou Adler
Quincy Jones

I predicted Rush, P.E. and Donna Summer, with a maybe for Heart and Albert King. I thought Joan Jett would probably get in, but am not shocked or devastated that she didn’t. Not bad for me.

I said it could be a good year for women, and 2 female-led acts are the most since 2007 when Patti Smith and The Ronettes both made it. Still, women are remarkably under-represented in the HoF.

I said it could be a good year for African-American acts, and it was. Half of the acts, 4 of 8, making it the most colorful year in the HoF since 2000, when 8 of 14 acts were black (Last year had 4 acts that were nearly all black musicians, but ratio-wise it was 4 out of  17).

The ceremony will be on April 18th in Los Angeles, the first time since 1993 it will be in CA (tickets go on sale January 25th, if anyone is thinking of getting me a gift).

No mention I could find of the fan voting that contributed so little to the overall decision. It would be interesting to see what the results of that poll were.

And the Tap is once again overlooked. ‘Sigh’

Spinal Tap Snubbed (Again)

Today the RnRHoF announced its nominees for the 2012 induction.  They’re listed below.  I have a couple of thoughts.  First of all, I really need to pick up the pace of my blogging.  I’m just a little past the halfway point of the first round.  At this rate, I’ll get this tournament done in time for the 2012 induction ceremony (or maybe the 2012 apocalypse).

Secondly, I’m kinda mixed on the nominations.  Good on you for the Beastie Boys, RHCP, The Cure, Freddie King, G’n’R, & Eric B & Rakim.  Not at all surprised by The (Small) Faces — although they’re more famous for what some of their members did afterwards, and Donovan — kinda surprised he wasn’t in already. (more…)

The reasons (part one of a much too long series)

For some time, I’ve been on a campaign to have Spinal Tap inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RnRHoF).  This year, especially when Neil Diamond was chosen to be inducted, I felt a particular sense of outrage.  Maybe outrage is a bit strong, but none the less, as much as I enjoy the occasional Neil Diamond song (“Sweet Caroline,” That song from The Jazz Singer), he’s not a rock ‘n’ roll star.  He’s just not.  He maybe rocks sometimes, probably rolls once in a while, but he is not rock and roll.  Not that the Rock and Roll Hall is that rocking either all the time, it’s made some selections that are, to me, mystifying.  But I’m not the ultimate authority on Rock and Roll, so until now, I’ve let it go.  But no longer!  It’s time the Tap got into the Hall!

A bit of history; in the early 80’s a few things happened.  First a guy said: “There ought to be a hall of fame for rock and roll!”  Since that guy was Jann Wenner, owner and publisher of Rolling Stone and über-boomer, it happened.  Then, in 1984, This is Spinal Tap was released (featuring a band that first performed in 1979).  Since then Mr. Wenner and his posse have continued the HoF, building a museum in Cleveland and inducting over a hundred groups and/or solo artists (none actually from Cleveland).  Spinal Tap has done pretty well for itself since then.  The movie didn’t do well in its theatrical release, but has since done very well on video and DVD, to the point where it was selected to be a part of the National Film Registry in 2002, and becoming famously cited and admired by numerous rock bands.