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A beer that goes to 11

I saw this at Trader Joe’s tonight.

A closer look shows this:



And this:


We got the lager. It wasn’t bad. More hoppy than Terumi likes, but whatcha gonna do?



Dancing With The Tap

I am told there was a Spinal Tap tribute dance on Dancing With The Stars last night. I have it TiVo’d, so I may watch my first episode of DWTS. Actually, I’ll probably fast forward through it.

Kiss opened the show. KISS, also not in the hall. Now some might say that’s exactly the reason they’re not in the hall, that they are huge sell-outs who will do anything for money. That any self-respecting rock band would have said “Dancing With the Stars doesn’t have much crossover with the KISS army.” Some might have done the show with some sense of irony, a wink and a nod to say “Yes, this is super lame, but we’re just having fun” maybe. But the KISS army has apparently not been re-enlisting, so they are expanding their recruiting. Using dancers on a ballroom. And did anyone else think the guy dancers’ costumes would have been more appropriate for a Freddie Mercury tribute?

Here’s the Kiss video. Note at the end, all the judges gave them scores of eleven. They went to all the way to eleven. That seems to have become rock and roll code for awesome.