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…And they did too!

I am truly a genius! Like two years before these Johnny-come-latelies at the San Jose Mercury-News, I had this idea, now another “Who should be in the Hall” tournament. They’re so impressed that they’re doing brackets. Ooooh, and fancy them they might actually follow through and finish it. Big whoop (although in my defense, they aren’t presenting the case for each act, or making sample playlists, or even doing videos — all that took a lot of time). Posers. They didn’t even include the Tap.

But they have some interesting matchups and some acts I didn’t include. And you can go crazy and vote for the whole first round at once. So check it out.


The announcement has been made, the inductees are ready to be inducted.

Randy Newman
Public Enemy
Donna Summer
Albert King
Lou Adler
Quincy Jones

I predicted Rush, P.E. and Donna Summer, with a maybe for Heart and Albert King. I thought Joan Jett would probably get in, but am not shocked or devastated that she didn’t. Not bad for me.

I said it could be a good year for women, and 2 female-led acts are the most since 2007 when Patti Smith and The Ronettes both made it. Still, women are remarkably under-represented in the HoF.

I said it could be a good year for African-American acts, and it was. Half of the acts, 4 of 8, making it the most colorful year in the HoF since 2000, when 8 of 14 acts were black (Last year had 4 acts that were nearly all black musicians, but ratio-wise it was 4 out of  17).

The ceremony will be on April 18th in Los Angeles, the first time since 1993 it will be in CA (tickets go on sale January 25th, if anyone is thinking of getting me a gift).

No mention I could find of the fan voting that contributed so little to the overall decision. It would be interesting to see what the results of that poll were.

And the Tap is once again overlooked. ‘Sigh’

I can’t believe I forgot Devo!

Always been one of my favorite bands. When I was a kid, I thought they were fun and silly. Now that I’m older, I find them fun and smart. I saw them at Coachella a few years ago and it was one of the highlights. Great performance — super energy and great song after song. And they’re from Ohio!

Just read an article about them, and about a Kickstarter campaign to do a documentary on them. Best part of the article is a Spotify playlist, so you, dear reader, can brush up on your Devo, and I can seem more multi-media tech savvy (without going through the considerable effort these things always seem to take).


MCA is gone

Tonight’s rebroadcast of the RnRHoF Induction will take on a more profound meaning with yesterday’s passing of MCA. I won’t be watching because I don’t have HBO and I’ll be at The KROQ Wennie Roast with Garbage, Pennywise, Silversun Pickups, (and Incubus & Coldplay — watch the webcast here). I’ll be at the Heal the Bay booth, promoting this group is one of the beneficiaries. Then I’ll get to see some of the performers. I imagine there will be several tributes tonight.

But the Huffington Post put up a short clip of The Beastie Boys induction speech. The clip that follows is The Roots and other luminaries playing tribute to the boys (I couldn’t embed them). Worth watching.


Art, sport and the worst dance move ever

First of all, I want to apologize if anyone read my last blog and watched Dancing With The Stars. That was not my intent, and I’m truly sorry for all the pain and suffering I’ve caused. But let’s not forget who the true evildoers are — the people who make DWTS.

For those who didn’t see it, there were a couple Spïnal Tap references in the show. Firstly, when Kiss performed, the judges scores went “all the way to 11.”

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