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…And they did too!

I am truly a genius! Like two years before these Johnny-come-latelies at the San Jose Mercury-News, I had this idea, now another “Who should be in the Hall” tournament. They’re so impressed that they’re doing brackets. Ooooh, and fancy them they might actually follow through and finish it. Big whoop (although in my defense, they aren’t presenting the case for each act, or making sample playlists, or even doing videos — all that took a lot of time). Posers. They didn’t even include the Tap.

But they have some interesting matchups and some acts I didn’t include. And you can go crazy and vote for the whole first round at once. So check it out.

Luther Vandross v. The Beastie Boys

Bet you didn’t expect this matchup.

Luther’s playlist              Beastie’s playlist

Be sure to check out the other matches:

LL Cool J v. Wham!

Janet Jackson v Afrika Bambaataa

Transcript below: (more…)

Spinal Tap Snubbed (Again)

Today the RnRHoF announced its nominees for the 2012 induction.  They’re listed below.  I have a couple of thoughts.  First of all, I really need to pick up the pace of my blogging.  I’m just a little past the halfway point of the first round.  At this rate, I’ll get this tournament done in time for the 2012 induction ceremony (or maybe the 2012 apocalypse).

Secondly, I’m kinda mixed on the nominations.  Good on you for the Beastie Boys, RHCP, The Cure, Freddie King, G’n’R, & Eric B & Rakim.  Not at all surprised by The (Small) Faces — although they’re more famous for what some of their members did afterwards, and Donovan — kinda surprised he wasn’t in already. (more…)

Janet Jackson v. Afrika Bambaataa

I know some of you are uncomfortable with the changes in Facebook, but I for one embrace new technology!  That explains the huge technological leap forward I used to create today’s blog (If it’s too much for you, a transcript and some videos follow).

Janet Jackson playlist         Afrika Bambaataa playlist


LL Cool J v. Wham!

Today begins the second half of the first round of the playoffs.  In the interest of getting these blogs done quicker, I’m posting fewer videos, but more music (through Grooveshark, which is really handy for this).  In the interest of making things more interesting I’m presenting today’s challenge as a dialogue between Professor J. T. Smith for LL Cool J and Dr. Andrew George Michael-Ridgeley for Wham! (No real person assisted in creating the blog except, of course, Terumi, whose assistance is invaluable).

Prof. Smith:  LL Cool J is a hip-hop pioneer who brought popular song structure into hip-hop and helped bring it to the mainstream.

Dr. Andrew: Wham! was a pop phenomenon who in their brief 4-year career sold over 25 million records. (more…)