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Does the Hall think “Disco Sucks”?

Several months ago, when the RnR HoF announced its inductees, some over-eager journalist wrote an article about how the Hall hates disco. The very day, like some over-eager school boy. Now, with a respectful and decent delay, I am re-posting for you, dear reader. It includes videos of the best disco songs done by rockers in the hall.

Does the Hall Think ‘Disco Sucks’?

And fear not that I will overburden you with an excess of posts. 2 in three days will not become a habit.

New Christopher Guest movie!

Well, it’s just a short, but it’s worth posting.

Of course, everyone will remember Billy Crystal from that other movie he was in with Christopher guest. That movie is… wait, I’ll remember. No, not The Princess Bride, there’s another one he was in. Oh, I forget now, I’m sure it’ll come to me.