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The Cure v. The Smiths

This isn’t my competition, more like a side game.  Nerve posted this article, but I thought it was relevant.

The Cure v. The Smiths (Nerve)

I’m in The Cure camp on this.  While I like some of Johnny Marr’s guitar work, I can’t stand Morrissey.  I know he’s Irish — don’t care.  That’s why I put the Cure in my playoffs and not The Smiths.  I’m sure Morrissey is loosing sleep over that, but he can soothe himself with a big pile of money, I’m sure.  And for those of you who prefer The Smiths and their irritating lead singer, write your own damn blog.

P.S. Gonna try to finish the next game soon.  Hopefully this weekend.  I’ve been busy.

P.P.S. And if you like The Cure, be sure to vote for them here

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