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Big in Japan

My girlfriend also blogs. She was invaluable in helping me get this blog going and set it all up for me (Thanks!). She has a cooking blog, and on occasion has blogged about things we have made together. Tens of thousands of people have seen her blogs (seriously)! Here are the links to entries of some of the things we’ve made together.


Pork Tenderloin


Thing is, her blogs are in Japanese.  If your browser supports it, try translating the page.  Lots of fun.

And here is this blog translated into Japanese via Google Translate:






If you haven’t checked it out, Google.org, the search engine’s philanthropic site has good resources for everyone, including ways to help people in Japan who need assistance right now.

Tap the Hall!



The induction

I mis-bloged when I said the induction ceremony was Sunday night, it was last night (Monday).  If you haven’t heard what went down, here’s an article:


(Nothing says rock and roll like grammar humor.)

click here to donate to Operation USA for Japanese Disaster relief, or test ‘REBUILD’ to 50555 to donate $10

NPR does the RnRHoF

NPR has been doing a series on the upcoming inductees.  Nothing says rock and roll like NPR.

Darlene Love

Dr. John

Alice Cooper

Tom Waits

I couldn’t find their article on Neil Diamond, but this one mentions he did write songs for the Monkees, and that raises him a notch in my book (but they should be in, not him, IMHO).

Paul Simon disappoints me

Here’s a list of who’s inducting whom for the upcoming RnRHoF ceremony (March 14th).
All is good except that my old friend Paul Simon is inducting Neil Diamond. I say “old friend” because I met him briefly about 14 years ago. I was working at Royce Hall and he was performing. He said “where can I put my guitar?” and I said “uh, here’s good.” (There’s a longer version of the story, but I’m writing on my phone, so brevity is key). Paul, old buddy, how could you let me down like this? Neil Diamond is the anti-rock. ‘sigh’

Tap into the Hall!