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This post is a total downer

The ugly side of saying a band should be in the RnRHoF is the thought that there are bands that are undeserving of being in there.  I’ve already stated my belief that Neil Diamond shouldn’t be in (because he’s not rock and roll enough), but there are other artists that straddle the fence of being not famous enough or not rock and roll enough-ness.  These are, of course subjective evaluations, but worth discussing, a least for me, not having blogged a real entry for a couple of weeks.


Waiting for Guffman & Super Bowl ads

Not for nothing, I watched Waiting for Guffman the other night;  Original songs by Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer.  Very funny movie.  Directed by Christopher Guest.

Then, watching the super bowl, I saw these ads for Groupon.  Also, directed by Christopher Guest.


Rockin’ Women

For anyone who’s interested, and might be in Cleveland (brrrr), here’s an upcoming exhibit at the RnRHoF.

“Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power”

Chicks Rock, would have been my choice for the title.

BTW, they’re also showing movies for Black History Month, and the Bruce Springsteen exhibit closes at the end of the month.